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  • Attracting and retaining high-performing employees are key parts of a manager’s role.  An employer who has become known for treating staff well has a valuable head start over the competition when it comes to persuading top performers to join their team.  It is wrong to think that money is the...Read more »
  • When you are seeking a new position you may not want your current boss to be amongst the first to know that you plan to move on.  However a recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has confirmed that employers have the right to monitor the electronic messages sent by...Read more »
  • Making a succession plan can be a daunting task.  None of us will be in our current work roles for ever but it is not always easy to face up to that fact.  Rather like making a personal will, too many of us keep postponing it but in both cases we risk leaving it too late and we may instead end...Read more »
  • When a major international recruitment consultancy needs a new Chairman you might think they would not hesitate to tackle the job themselves.  However the Page Group, best known for their Michael Page brand, did not get to be so successful and highly respected by cutting corners.    <br...Read more »
  • Sooner or later we are likely to work under a poor manager.  It may not be much fun at the time but it could prove to be a very useful learning experience. At some point in our careers most of us will work for a manager who seems to be incompetent or determined to...Read more »
  • Whether or not you intend it, you are a brand.  Many members of the IP profession spend much of their time helping to protect and develop the brands of their clients or their employers and they fully appreciate the reputation of and the goodwill that attaches to those brands.  However they do...Read more »
  • It is the moment every manager or partner dreads – a vital member of your team tells you they have been offered a better job and that they are resigning.  How should you react?  Is it worth trying to persuade them to change their mind?  In this article we examine the pros and cons of...Read more »
  • Intellectual property recruitment is a very small, niche market. Qualifying as a Chartered Patent Attorney or European Patent Attorney comes after a successful academic career from degree probably through to PhD; candidates then go through a rigorous training and examination process to qualify...Read more »
  • Marlow IP is a highly professional intellectual property Firm led by Managing Director, Graham Marlow. Graham has over 20 years’ expertise in the IP industry and understands completely the nature of the industry, the ins and outs of what clients and candidates alike both require and expect,...Read more »
  • Marlow IP Recruitment understands the importance of reputation and image management, market awareness and client service. The external perception of any IP Lawyer’s Practice is vital for attracting new clients and recruiting the best patent and trade mark attorneys. Your shop window...Read more »
  • Got an interview? You have only 8 minutes to make your mark... Yes, of course you need to make sure you are dressed smartly but comfortably, have had a swig of mouthwash, arrive in good time, switch off your mobile and introduce yourself to the interviewer with a...Read more »

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